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1.15: Snow Days!

Let me start off with this chapter did not go off according to plan, Sims are Sims and they work on their own time. You were going to be able to see Willow and Asher grow up to childhood in game but nothing went as I needed so lets pretend we all saw that happen. :3

It had been a few days now since Willow and Asher aged up, both were still getting used to their somewhat new bunk bed, and things were going well.

Willow had woken up first that morning and sat in her bed for a few minutes before she realized she might not have school.

"Snow!" She whispered excitedly, not to wake up her brother.

So she crept downstairs to catch her dad before he started making breakfast. 

"Good morning sweetie." Dalton yawned as his daughter stopped him.

"Morning daddy." Willow gave him a sweet smile as she listened to the weather report on the T.V.. "Daddy did you just hear that? They said our school is cancelled for today!"

"Oh really? Well you can go back to bed, but tell your brothers first." He started to turn to make breakfast.

But not before Willow pulled another one of her tricks and got him to stay.

"Can Asher and I go to the park down the street? We have no school and it would be a shame to stay stuck in this house."

"By yourself? I think not!" Dalton exclaimed, he was not letting his babies go out by themselves and he possibly get killed by Marilyn. 

"But daddy!" She whined, then thought of another way. "How about if Leon came with us? He's a teen and a genie he could protect us." 

Dalton sighed, his little girl was a negotiator like her mother and he couldn't resist. "Fine only if you get Leon to come and tell me he's going with you."

"Thank you daddy! I love you so much!" 

"I love you too little bird." 

Dalton went to get breakfast started and Willow waited for brothers to wake up. Almost like magic, there is a stampede like sound as Asher runs down the stairs.

"It's snowing! Snow, snow! Do we have school? Can we go to the park?" The werewolf in him always made him a little hyperactive, even in the morning.

"Calm down dummy, I've already asked and we can go if we get Leon to take us." Willow rolled her eyes at her twin brother. 

Dalton just observed the two and chuckled as Willows statement started an argument. 

Not everyone was as excited about the new season.
After breakfast Dalton walked outside to do his morning routine of taking care of his plants.

That idea was kind of scratched.

"Oh Plumbob! I had brand new plants growing and everything! I hope my babies survive this winter."


So the kids really did convince Leon to take them to the park, well it was mostly Willow blackmailing him for things he didn't do but she was scary enough that he believed her.

Leon had a book he needed to read for school so he mainly took to that and watching them attempt to ice skate for a bit.

After a while Willow was tired of busting her butt on ice and spotted another little girl.
She had strange light purple skin, that didn't bother Willow since Leon was a blue colour, and dark purple hair. Willow hadn't seen her around before and didn't realize fairies even lived here. She walked up slowly, hoping not to creep her out.

The girl jumped off the swing and walked over to Willow.

"Hi." She smiled and waved at Willow.

"Hi." Willow said shyly. "I'm Willow."

"I'm Ellie. It's nice to meet you Willow." This girl was so nice that Willow wasn't sure what to say, she was used to her mean brother.

Speaking of her mean brother, Asher and Leon sat on one of the benches talking. Asher idolizes his big brother. Leon loved the little squirt but felt sorry for him at the same time. Leon knew he was adopted, but Asher didn't know and neither did Willow. Asher and Willow thought they were twins, honestly they were born on the same day, and according to the rest of the family they were twins. Marilyn made sure both Dalton and Leon kept their mouths shut.

"I just moved here from Moonlight Falls with my dad." When Ellie talked Willow could hear the faint accent that came with being from a different town.

"That's really cool. I've lived here my whole life, my dad even created this park." The girls continued to talk for a little while.

"Do you want to make a snowman?"

"So you're taking that huge ball of snow and putting it there?" Willow asked curiously.

"Yep and you put other balls on top, I've done this before."

"You smooth that out while I put this one on top." Ellie was acting a little bossy but Willow didn't mind.

"And it's almost done! We just have to decorate it." Ellie announced happily.

After the girls finished the snow man Leon caught Willows attention and signaled that it was time to go. Willow quickly turned to Ellie, she didn't want to lose her new friend.

"Would you like to come over to my house? My brother is telling us we have to go, I live up the street so it's not very far at all."

"Yeah! I just have to go home at eight."


When the girls got to Willows house, they had dinner then ran upstairs to change and hang out.

"Your dad was really nice, his spaghetti was great."

"Yeah, he's okay, but you don't live with him. He's completely over-bearing and dopey, he also forgets what he's doing all the time." Willow rolled her eyes and listened to heavy footsteps running up the stairs. "Ugh here comes my brother."

"Willow is this your stupid toy? Maybe we should put braces on this too!" Asher laughed, seeming happy with himself.

"Go away, dog." Willow rolled her eyes. "So Ellie do you know Jason? He is so adorable and super nice."

Before Ellie had the chance to answer Asher piped in. "'Oh Jason! He smiled at me yesterday and I just melted! Ahhh.'" He mocked Willow. "Anyone as cool as Jason wouldn't like a brace face."

"Excuse you?!" Willow jumped up extremely hurt but covered it up with anger.

"Guys-" Ellie attempted to get in.

"Yeah! Shut it four eyes." Asher directed that towards Ellie without thinking.

"Leave her out of it!"

"Then stop acting like a brat, why don't you go cry to daddy. He always takes your side anyways! All you do is bat your eyes and he comes running." Asher shouted.

Willow stepped back, shocked. "What does that have to do with anything? Besides you have mom in your corner all the time and Leon!"

Dalton ran in the room after hearing shouts. "What is going on in here?" He looked at them concerned then to Ellie who had backed up in case this came to blows.

Willow blatantly ignored her father. "Either way you better leave Ellie out of anything else you say! She didn't do anything to you!"

Asher backed off a little seeing how upset his sister got over her friend. "I'm sorry." He said both to Willow and Ellie.

Dalton sighed, this fighting had been happening a lot lately. "That's it. Ellie sweetie, I'm sorry but I think Willow and Asher aren't ready for any friends over right now." He looked at Willow who wanted to protest. "Now you two get ready for bed, your mother will be home soon."


Marilyn had come home a little later to Willow begging her for a bedtime story before she had time to change. Even though she was upset at her babies fighting, she obliged. 

"Asher do you want to come down here and listen?" She asked before she started.

"No! I don't want to do anything that sissy wants to do." He claimed with defiance and certainty, even though he secretly watched from above.

"And so no ever-" Marilyn finally noticed both of her children fell asleep. She closed the book and kissed Willow on her cheek. "Goodnight princess." She even reached up and caressed Ashers hair and cheek. "Goodnight my prince."


New chapter! It was supposed to be up last night, but my WiFi was messing up so much that it was impossible.

I don't have any siblings so I'm not sure if this dialogue is correct, but from what I've seen with my cousins I'm thinking it is.
Asher is a little butthead, he and Willow are constantly at it.


  1. Yay for a snow day! We used to covet those when we were in school. I can understand how excited Willow and Asher had to have been. It's also really sweet to see Leon take the kids out to the park so they didn't go nuts stuck in the house all day.

    Aw! It's nice to see Willow have a friend her age.

    Oh wow. Asher doesn't know? That'll end up blowing up in Mar's face one day I bet. Speaking of... will we get to see Mar soon?

    Another oh wow. Phew! Calm down Asher! He kind of jumped right in on making fun of his sister there didn't he? Was he showing out for Willow's friend or is there genuine resentment between the two? Ah. There's genuine resentment then since he seems to feel like Dalton and Marilyn take sides.

    You've hit sibling rivalry pretty well on the head. My brother and I used to go at it for no reason all the time as kids.
    I'm so glad to see another chapter of yours!

  2. Yep! That's pretty much what siblings sound like ;)

    I used to beg the skies for snow days! But we'd always mess around in the street when we did get them. Nice and safe. Well, about as safe as skating on a frozen lake, really... ;)

    I feel awful that Asher and Willow don't get along, but they're only young and it could just be that they're so confined in their bedroom. Since I moved out from home I get along a lot better with both my sisters and my parents too. Hopefully they can get along when they're a little older, too.

    I think Asher should find out at some point! Maybe he is a little young still, but it's something he needs to know just like Leon knew from the beginning (although he was a bit older). Hopefully they'll address that before it's too late, could be some very hard feeling else! :(

    Ellie is pretty! I hope she and Willow can keep friends!